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When must my teenager be added to my auto insurance policy?

Most parents face mixed emotions as the day approaches that their teenager will start driving. It reminds you that your child is growing up (too fast), that you will have less & less control of their activities, and it brings up all sorts of safety concerns while they...

Is “Liability Only” A Bad Idea?

Many people think there are only two kinds of auto insurance – "full coverage" and "liability only". But what do people mean when they ask for these 'coverages'? Just as our earlier post on "What is Full Coverage?" pointed out, when people ask for "full coverage" they...

Safe Driving Tips for Halloween

No speed demons allowed - If you are driving through a residential area, drive as slow as possible. Avoid passing stopped vehicles in case they are dropping off children. You should also be especially cautious when entering and exiting driveways. The horrors of...

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