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Dairyland Cycle Keeps It Real with OEM Parts

After 50 years of protecting motorcycle customers and the bikes they love, Dairyland Cycle has learned the importance of staying the real deal. When you’re a rider who values their bike, only the genuine article will do. That’s why Dairyland Cycle offers Physical...

Dairyland Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

There are two things Dairyland Insurance has learned in its 50 years of business: motorcycle customers love being on the open road, and they hate being stranded on it. That’s why Dairyland Cycle is partnered with Road America to offer Roadside Assistance, our...

Dairyland Cycle Insurance Helps Cover the Journey

Sometimes a trip doesn’t go according to plan. That’s why Dairyland Cycle offers a trip interruption option, Excursion Diversion. Dairyland Cycle’s Excursion Diversion Coverage protects you if you have an accident over 100 miles from home. It covers the...