Maybe you know a few of these, but chances are you’re going to learn something about cars and driving here. Use these facts to impress your friends!
10 Car & Driving Facts You May Not Know...

  1. The average automobile consists of more than 2,500 ft. of electrical wiring.
  2. On average, half an ounce of gas is used to start an automobile.
  3. The average fuel economy for a vehicle on the road was 14 miles per gallon in 1923.
  4. From a fuel economy perspective, it’s better to turn the air off at low speeds and open the windows. At highway speeds it’s more economical to use the air conditioning.
  5. US 20 is the longest road in the United States, spanning 3,365 miles from Boston, MA to Newport, OR.
  6. Windshield wipers were invented by a woman named Mary Anderson. She patented them in 1903.
  7. The nitromethane fuel used to power Top Fuel Dragsters costs $16 per gallon.
  8. The fastest known time for replacing a car engine is 42 seconds. Gareth Lloyd did so in 1985.
  9. Many vehicles have an arrow on the fuel gauge that points to which side of the vehicle the gas cap is on. Take a look!
  10. In Youngstown, OH, running out of gas is against the law. It’s considered a “Minor Misdemeanor.”