21-year-old last seen in Washington state
21-year-old last seen in Washington state

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(NewsNation) — Rio Boyd, 21, was last seen in Washington state on Oct. 17.

She disappeared after leaving her family’s residence to walk to a friend’s house.

What makes her case even more of a mystery is her cellphone. Many of us have our cellphones with us all of the time.

Rio had just gotten her new phone the same day that she vanished. That phone was found in a field near her home and it could be a key piece to the puzzle and finding her.

“You know, she’s really, really good friends,” Naomi Welsh, one of her best friends, said in a video tribute. “Like if she feels like you know you’re going down the wrong path or you’re doing something bad, she’ll speak up and she’ll be truthful to you.”

Welsh said her friend didn’t leave on her own.

“That is not like her,” Welsh said. “Especially for her to not talk to her dad or at least call.”

Boyd was last seen on Oct. 17, walking along the road near her home in Spanaway, Washington.

Her father thought she was heading to a friend’s house, taking only her brand new cellphone She did not have her ID on her.

“The most she had was her phone,” Chad Boyd, her father, said.

When she didn’t return home, he started calling the phone.

“A guy over here on Field Road, one block away, walks his dog in a field over there,” he said. “And he heard a phone ringing on the ground and picked it up and answered it and that’s how we got her phone.”

That phone was behind a concrete barrier by the road, with minor scratches like it had been dropped or thrown. But nothing on it revealed her whereabouts.

Her friends say they didn’t see her that day.

Police are now asking for anyone in the area to check their video cameras as they try to put together any clues as to how a young woman walked away from her home and simply vanished.

“I love her so much and I miss her very much,” her father said. “I want her to come home. Her dog would really love to see her. I can definitely see he misses his mommy, but I miss her more.”

Rio’s dad, her family and her friends want answers. They want her home.

Anyone who believes they have information on Boyd can contact the Pierce County Sheriff”s Department at 253-287-4455 and reference case No. 2229201282.

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