Washington State Patrol

The Washington State Patrol media release for this Memorial Day weekend gives 4 simple things you can do.

With an increase of vehicles traveling this Memorial Day Weekend, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) is asking motorists to do these simple things to make our roadways safer and more enjoyable to travel.

  • Drive SOBER! In 2010 impaired drivers were responsible for approximately 50% of all fatality collisions on Washington State roadways. Please be responsible. Don’t Drink &
  • Slow Down! Don’t Tailgate! Speeding accounts for 30% of fatal collisions on our roadways, while motorists following too closely significantly increase the risk of causing a rear end collision.
  • Buckle Up! People who wear their seatbelt are 70% more likely to walk away uninjured from a major collision.
  • Pay Attention! Distracted driver collisions and fatalities are becoming a reality on our roadways. Let’s reverse this trend. Hang up and drive; the text message can wait!

The WSP is dedicated to the prevention of serious injury and fatality collisions. Motorists who do these simple things will make Washington roadways safer and more enjoyable to travel this Memorial Day weekend.