Here are 4 tips from Foremost Insurance to keep you on the road when driving conditions are sub-optimal:4 Tips for Driving in Adverse Conditions

  • Most vehicle crashes are caused by excessive speeds for road and weather conditions. Remember that speed limits are set for optimal, dry driving conditions. When roads are slick, you may need to travel well below the posted limit.
  • Be very cautious when driving through puddles. The water may be hiding potholes and deep water may cause you to hydroplane and lose control.
  • When driving in foggy conditions use your low beams, the lines on the pavement and roadway reflectors as your guide. If fog is extremely thick, roll down your window and listen for other vehicles you may not be able to see.
  • To avoid potholes, watch traffic for unexpected swerving, make mental notes of hazards on frequently traveled roads, search the Department of Transportation’s website for reported potholes on your routes and keep tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommendation to help prevent damage.