Car Off Road in Snow

Schools closed. Snow. Hanford Closed. Freezing Rain.

Our office had a busy day yesterday and today is off to a similar start. We had a record day yesterday for starting new policies. If you are going to be driving in this mess, best to have some insurance!

I had to drive around quite a bit yesterday, acting as chauffer to my kids (who I didn’t want driving), delivering Pizza to our offices, and other everyday business. My little Toyota Solara did pretty well in the snow, but then again it has studs all the way around and front-wheel drive. I would say it also has a lot to do with my driving ability, but probably more to do with my passive-aggressive nature.

When I was taking my son to Columbia Basin College yesterday I saw a car off the highway on the Argent exit. A tow truck was backing in to pull him out of the gulley. 20 minutes later as I am heading back to Kennewick I see a 2nd tow truck at the same location, this time pulling out the tow truck! Hope the car owner did not have to pay for both trucks!

I thought about stopping and taking a picture but decided that a 4th car did not need to be added to the mess

Drive careful out there. Better yet, don’t drive at all if you don’t have to.