Save on Car Insurance
The car insurance policies we wrote last week ranged from a bargain price of $184.00 for six months of insurance coverage all the way up to $2,196.00.

$184 for 6 months? That is way less than $40 per month! Who qualifies for this cheap car insurance and what does it cover? Our insured is a 40 year old single male who lives in Union Gap, WA and has no tickets or accidents. This policy is a broad form policy, insuring the client’s drivers license, with 25/50/25 liability.

$2,196.00 was actually also a cheap car insurance rate! This policy covered a husband and wife along with their 18-year-old daughter who live in Kennewick, WA. Both the daughter and the father have had accidents this past year. They have 2 cars on the car insurance policy and both have comprehensive and collision coverages (aka full coverage) with 500 deductibles. Although they chose not to include uninsured motorist coverage, they do have $10,000 per person Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

Interestingly, both policies were written with National General Insurance, one of the many companies we carry. That is one of the primary advantages of an independent insurance agency, we are not limited to just one company and are therefore able to shop for the best car insurance rates for you among the many companies we represent.

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