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You Can’t Park There! – #KnowYourCoverage

#AccidentsHappen - You think your foot is on the brake. Car starts to go forward. You press on the brake a little bit harder. Before you know it you are back inside the store. The Kennewick Police Department reported on Sunday that the driver of a Cadillac mistakenly...

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Best Car Insurance Quotes of the Week – 03/09/2019

Tired of all the lizards and animated characters bombarding you with promises of savings if you only spend 15 minutes online with them? So you end up talking to someone from India or go online to who-knows-where and give them all your personal data. Then you find out...

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Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes of the Week – 03/02/2019

All the TV commercials want you to get an online car insurance quote or call an 800 number and speak to someone who-knows-where but is that what you want? Do you want generic advice from someone you will never ever speak to again or someone who gets to know you and...

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Best Car Insurance Rates of the Week – 02/16/2019

Your TV screams, "Save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance" but what is really available? We don't hide behind fake "savings" or celebrities, our professional agents are here to help you get the coverage you want at a price you can afford. Had a mistake or two...

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Saddness: Woman Dies in 7-Car Hit & Run Accident

Woman killed in Accident Caused by Hit and Run Driver A 44-year-old woman died at the scene after a hit-and-run car accident involving 7 vehicles last night on I-182 between Road 68 and Road 100. She was driving eastbound in a Jeep Grand Cherokee when she was hit by...

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