Dairyland 25 Years A+ AM Best Rating

Dairyland is proud to celebrate our 25th continuous year of A+ rating from A.M. Best!

We are proud to represent Dairyland Insurance in our offices and are very impressed that they are celebrating their 25th continuous year of A+ rating from A.M. Best! Together with their parent company, Sentry Insurance, they’ve built a strong insurance organization to help independent insurance agents, like us, provide affordable insurance coverage for our clients.

If you are a Dairyland client, what does the A+ rating mean for you? A quarter-century of excellent rating means you know Dairyland will be here for you when the unexpected happens. It means you can drive without worrying about who will be standing with you if you have an accident. It means you are with a solid insurance carrier.

What’s more, Dairyland has used their solid financial backing to re-invest in ways that help you keep your policy active. They have focused on providing an easy, dependable experience throughout the life of your policy. Whether it’s a bill alert reminder to help you pay on time, their generous reinstatement terms, broadform policies, or an inexpensive SR-22, Dairyland does what it takes to keep your insurance active.

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