Bill A Lerts Texts

Bill A.Lerts (his friends call him Bill) works to help Dairyland Auto customers pay their bill on time!
Bill has a new year’s resolution to help you pay on time!
Here’s what Bill will do (and won’t do) in 2014 and beyond:

Bill A.Lerts will…

  • Send you payment reminders via text, email, or both
  • Keep your policy active
  • Stop reminders if you unsubscribe

Bill A.Lerts will NOT…

  • Use collected information to send marketing materials
  • Replace your mailed bills – customers will receive all mailed information in addition to bill alert reminders

Bill A. Lerts will help you pay on time!
Here’s how the process works for you.

  1. You can be enrolled as a new business customers on during the application process, or existing customers can be enrolled by their agent.
  2. Bill alerts you five days before your due date. Bill can send via email, text message or both, depending on your choice.
  3. Bill reminds you up to four times if you haven’t paid. Each bill alert message includes a link to pay online.
  4. Bill ONLY reminds you when a payment is due.
    • Emails / texts will stop if you unsubscribe.
    • Your email and text information is only used for payment reminders. Dairyland Auto Bill Alerts are NOT used for marketing purposes.
    • Dairyland Auto Bill Alerts do NOT replace paper bills. Your customers still receive their bill in the mail.