Dairyland Auto Insurance

Mid-Columbia Insurance is proud to carry Dairyland Auto Insurance.
Whatever your needs, Dairyland Auto offers the competitive pricing, flexibility, coverage options and service that make it The Perfect Fit for you.

The Perfect Fit for Competitive Coverage:

  • Broad Form Named Driver – covers the driver in both owned and non-owned vehicles
  • Household Broad Form – include two Broad Form Drivers on the same policy with only one set of fees
  • Limited Liability – save money by excluding anyone not listed on your policy
  • Money-Saving Discounts – Paid-in-Full, Multi-Car and Homeowners discounts are available

The Perfect Fit for Flexible Options:

  • Low Down Payments
  • Fewer Fees
  • 60-Day Reinstatements
  • Exclusions Allowed
  • Mid-Term Cancellations Allowed