Dairyland Motorcyle Roadside Assistance

There are two things Dairyland Insurance has learned in its 50 years of business: motorcycle customers love being on the open road, and they hate being stranded on it. That’s why Dairyland Cycle is partnered with Road America to offer Roadside Assistance, our inexpensive, hassle-free towing and roadside service.

Roadside Assistance takes care of battery failures, flat tires and lockouts, as well as insufficient supplies of fuel, fluid or water. If a mechanical failure can’t be fixed on the spot, your can be towed to the nearest facility within the Road America network.

Roadside Assistance is fast and easy to use. One toll-free number call covers you 24/7, anywhere in North America. What’s more, Dairyland Cycle offers it without the burden of reimbursement forms or receipts – just sign and ride.

A rider on the open road is a happy one. Stay happy when you need it most with Dairyland Cycle’s Roadside Assistance.

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