Jewelry Art Fur Coverage

Did you know the typical homeowners’ policy has specific, dollar amount limits on jewelry, art, and other items? If you were to become the unfortunate victim of a theft or accidentally lose a valuable personal item, don’t compound the injury by discovering these limits after the fact!

To help prevent coverage shortfalls, One of the insurance companies we offer, Safeco,  makes available coverage giving you multiple options for protecting your most valuable items.

Itemized or scheduled coverage

This is the coverage for those wanting the most protection available.

  • Additional classes of property: Additional classes of property are available on a scheduled basis such as jewelry, stamp and coin collections, musical instruments, and other valuable items.
  • Agreed value and no deductible: With an agreed-upon value for each item of fine art and jewelry and no deductible, the claims experience is straightforward and simple.

Grouped or unscheduled coverage

Scheduling each item of personal property can be time consuming for you and costly for the customer. Grouped coverage provides an affordable and easy alternative, and it offers blanket coverage for a wide range of perils.

Grouped coverage is available for fine arts (including collectibles such as figurines), glass with breakage coverage, cameras, furs, jewelry and silverware.

  • Easy coverage: Customers can simply increase or decrease the blanket coverage limit as the amount of total property changes without having to modify schedules.
  • High limit and low deductible: High limits are available, subject to a maximum per-item limit of $5,000. A deductible of $500 applies per loss.

Be sure your valuables are covered!

Ask your agent today if your valuables are covered and if there are any internal limits you should be aware of.