The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a report of the vehicles with the highest and lowest death rates. The Chevrolet Astro minivan tops the list as the safest vehicle and the 2dr Chevrolet Blazer is ranked as the most dangerous vehicle.

Death rates by vehicle size and weight: Characteristics that influence vehicles’ death rates include type and body style (2-door car, 4-door SUV, etc.). Another important factor is size. The smallest vehicles in any type/body style group generally have the highest rates. None of the 15 vehicles with the lowest driver death rates is a small model. In contrast, 11 of the 16 vehicles with the highest death rates are mini or small models, and none is large or very large.

Insurance rates are based partially on the claims history of the vehicle model so you may not only be taking a risk driving a dangerous car but you also will probably pay a higher premium.