Federal Legislation Includes Over $14 Million for Southwest Washington
Federal Legislation Includes Over $14 Million for Southwest Washington

Source: Google News

By The Chronicle staff

A news release from the office of U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Washington, announced last week that the passage of a 2023 omnibus spending bill has “secured” a total of $14,978,000 for projects in Southwest Washington. 

The entities that stand to gain from the bill include various infrastructure projects, police departments and social services, including sediment monitoring on the Cowlitz and Toutle rivers downstream of Mount St. Helens and improved 911 infrastructure for Cowlitz County. The projects in Southwest Washington included in the release are below. The project descriptions were provided by Cantwell’s office.


Mount St. Helens Sediment Control

This grant of $856,000 provides the Army Corps of Engineers with necessary resources to conduct Mount St. Helens sediment monitoring activities on the Cowlitz and Toutle Rivers. Specifically, the Corps would complete a bathymetric survey, a LIDAR survey and readings of United States Geological Survey water level gauges and sediment transport monitoring. Additionally, funding would cover the associated analysis required by Corps’ staff.


Cowlitz 911 Public Safety Radio Technology Modernization and Microwave Replacement 

This $2,179,000 grant will be used to replace obsolete radio systems technology and failing equipment and expand the radio communications footprint across 1200 square miles of Cowlitz County to improve safety for first responders and citizens. Currently, mission-critical radio microwaves that link 15 sites to one another are failing and require replacement. The microwaves and ancillary parts are obsolete, no longer supported, increasing the risk of public safety radio failure.


De-Escalation Police Training Simulator in Cowlitz County 

This $215,000 chunk of funding will be used to purchase simulator equipment and train two officers on the use of the equipment, who will then train additional officers.


Columbia River Turning Basin Navigation Improvements 

This $900,000 grant supports the completion of a feasibility study by the Army Corps of Engineers for improvements to the Longview Turning Basin on the Columbia River. Widening and deepening the Longview Turning Basin is an essential element to improving vessel navigation and freight movement throughout the Lower Columbia River.


Washougal Wastewater Treatment Plant Anoxic Selector Project

Funding for this project to the tune of $1,000,000 will assist the City of Washougal in improving operations and efficiency at the Washougal Wastewater Treatment Plant through the construction of an anoxic selector.


Body Cameras for Police in Clark County

A total of $131,000 from the bill will go toward the Washougal Police Department’s Body Worn Cameras Pilot Program. The Washougal Police Department seeks to establish a body worn camera program to “ensure high quality service of its officers, increase transparency and openness with the community, and strengthen trust in government,” stated the release from Cantwell’s office. 

Battle Ground Grace Avenue Realignment Phase Two 

For phase two of the Grace Avenue Realignment project for vehicle and freight access in Battle Ground, the bill secures $2,000,000.


Children’s Behavioral Health Services Integration and Expansion Project in Clark County

Family Solutions, a nonprofit based in Vancouver, Washington, faces access challenges, according to the release. This $816,000 grant aims to help the group increase space. 

“Clients have faced numerous challenges in accessing Family Solution’s previous locations, including, but not limited to insufficient parking. Through the acquisition of an existing 37,000 square foot facility last year, the organization was able to consolidate three locations into one convenient location,” stated the release from Cantwell’s office.

The new facility adds an additional 17,000 square feet for services.


Shadow Mountain Water System Extension and Booster Pump Station in Longview 

This $1,500,000 grant will assist the City of Longview in installing a new Master Pump Station that will replace five aging existing water boosters currently serving the city.


City of Long Beach for Lift Station Replacements 

A $1,670,000 grant will assist the City of Long Beach in replacing four concrete sewer lift stations throughout the city which are now cracked and settled due to the elements on the Long Beach peninsula. This cracking can lead to possible groundwater contamination in addition to many other environmental issues.


Public Utility District #1 of Skamania Co. for Carson Water Treatment Plant Rebuild

This $3,000,000 grant will assist Skamania County PUD No. 1 in providing reliable drinking water year-round to meet current needs and well into the future.


Bonneville Lock and Dam, Tribal Housing 

A sum of $100,000 will help complete the Bonneville Tribal Housing Special Study in consultation with affected Columbia River treaty tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, to investigate outstanding requirements for replacement housing needs in any identified areas of displacement along the Bonneville Dam reservoir.


Public Utility District #1 of Wahkiakum County for Puget Island Water System Mainline Improvement Project 

A chunk of $261,000 will assist Wahkiakum PUD in improving the system’s reliability and address the water system’s ability to supply water to its customers when unforeseen problems arise. The project improves reliability, resiliency, and flexibility through emergency and maintenance operations by giving more options to PUD personnel on how to operate the water system.


Future Leaders Project – Pathways to Opportunity 

This $350,000 grant will provide funding to expand the Future Leaders Project in Southwest Washington, which will connect underrepresented college students with local internships.