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What is an SR22?

An SR22 is a form issued by an insurance company and filed with the state to prove you have met the state’s minimum liability insurance requirements. The forms are usually filed electronically with the state so they usually will show up within 24 hours so you can get your license right reinstated as soon as possible.

What is the minimum insurance requirement?

The minimum liability limits Washington state will allow is usually written as $25,000/$50,000/$10,000 (or simplified to 25/50/10). The first number is the maximum your policy will pay to any one person injured in an accident that is your fault. The second number is the maximum the insurance company will pay if 2 or more persons are hurt (3 people cannot each get $25,000 but would have to split the $50,000). The final number is the maximum amount your policy will pay for any property that you damage (and $10,000 is not enough. We recommend a minimum of $25,000).

Where can I get an SR22 filing?

Mid-Columbia Insurance represents a number of insurance companies that will file the SR22 with Washington state. Once you start a policy with the SR22 filing, or it is added to your existing policy, the filing is sent to the Department of Licensing in Olympia. You are now one step closer to getting your license reinstated.

Can my current company or agent file my SR22?

Many insurance companies consider themselves “preferred” and do not want to insure individuals who needs an SR22. They may even cancel you when they find out you need an SR22. If you don’t want to tell your current insurance agent about the SR22, Mid-Columbia Insurance can write an insurance policy on your driver’s license (called Broadform) with the SR22 so you can keep your current “preferred” insurance.

How long do I need to carry an SR22?

Usually you are required to carry an SR22 for 3 years but it could be more or less depending on the judge and your situation.

What happens if I drop my insurance?

The insurance company is required to file an SR-26 with the state of Washington notifying them that you no longer have insurance. The state will then suspend your license until you get an SR22 filed again and pay the license reinstatement fees. And you do not want to get caught driving with a suspended license!

How do I get my SR22 insurance started?

Just call us to get your SR22 started! If you have internet access we can usually start the policy right over the phone. That is right, you don’t have to drive (without a license) to start the policy. Usually we can get your insurance started and file the SR22 electronically with Washington state so that you will be able to go into the DMV the next day and get your license back.

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