SR-22 DUI Insurance

Suspended license. Now what?

Most of us need to drive in order to get to work, to run errands, and to do all that other stuff in life. If you have lost your license due to some driving mishap there are a number of things you will need to do to get your license back and one of them is to file an SR-22 with the state. Mid-Columbia Insurance is the SR-22 expert for all of your SR-22 needs in Washington State.

The most common questions we are asked is:

How much does an SR-22 insurance cost?

Believe it or not, most companies only charge about $25 for an SR-22. This is just the fee the insurance company charges to handle the paperwork required by the state to notify them that you have insurance. The real cost is for the actual car insurance and that is based on your driving record, age, car, etc.

What is an SR-22, anyway?

An SR-22 is simply a certificate filed with the state stating you have an active insurance policy that meets the minimum state requirements which essentially proves you (or actually your insurance company) can pay for  damages you cause while driving.

If you let your insurance lapse, the insurance company notifies the state (with a SR-26 form) and if you go long enough without the SR-22 files with the state, you may have to pay to reinstate your license once you get a new SR-22.

Who needs SR-22 insurance?

If you are convicted of certain serious driving offenses the court may revoke your license and require you to submit proof of financial responsibility, aka an SR-22, to the Department of Licensing in order to get your license reinstated. These infractions include such things like reckless driving, driving after license suspension, and driving under the influence of either alcohol or marijuana.

Why does SR-22 insurance cost so much then?

If an SR-22 is cheap, why does it seem to cost so much to get one? The increased cost has to do with those factors that always raise insurance costs, a less-than-favorable driving record, lack of prior insurance, poor credit, etc. These factors increase the insurance premiums because insurance companies, on average, have to pay more in claims for people that have a poor driving history.

Where to get SR-22 insurance?

Getting an SR-22 doesn’t have to be a hassle – Mid-Columbia Insurance is the SR-22 expert – we can walk you through the whole process! You can call us at (509)783-5600 or come into one of our offices in Kennewick, Pasco, or Yakima, or use our online quote page to build your SR-22 insurance policy with the coverages, options, and deductibles that you can afford.

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