SR22 Insurance

SR-22 Car InsuranceWe write SR-22 Insurance – and lots of it. Whether you live in Kennewick, Pasco, Yakima, or anywhere in Washington State, we can help you get your license un-suspended. The SR22s are filed electronically with the Department of Licensing (DOL) so you can get your license back as early as the next morning. If you live in Washington you probably got your ticket here and so need a Washington SR-22 but, if you need it, we can also do Oregon SR-22s, California SR-22s, Idaho SR-22s and just about every other state.

In order to reinstate a driver’s license after getting a suspension or revocation, the state of Washington requires a person to file an SR22 proving they have car insurance.

An SR22 filed with the state is usually just one of the requirements usually imposed by the court to reinstate a person’s driving privileges. There may me fines, reinstatement fees, and court costs as well. The Washington reinstatement procedure must be followed in order to regain your driver’s license.

The sooner you purchase your policy, the faster we can help you get your license back. You could spend all day flipping through the phone book and browsing the internet, but it is unlikely that you will ever find a lower rate and you will never find customer service that can beat what we can do for you.

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