Yakima Teen Utility Pole Crash
KNDO-TV reported that a Yakima teen walked away unharmed after crashing into a power pole on Wednesday in Terrace Heights.

Two things caught my attention on this story. First, the insurance angle. Many people think about the damage to the car after such accidents but forget that repairing the utility pole will also run around $5,000 to cover overtime for a crew.

Second, getting out of the car after hitting a utility pole is not the smartest thing. If there are downed lines, you can become the ground when you step out of the car.

“What we try to do is to educate people to stay in that vehicle because should they step out and still be in contact with the vehicle, then they become a ground, a direct ground and they can actually be electrocuted if the lines are still charged and energized,” says East Valley Fire Chief Mike Riel.

Electricity was arching between the lines and nearby trees when NBC Right Now arrived on scene.

Let’s be safe out there!