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Are you searching for the most cost effective motorbike insurance in Blaine? You have found the right agency. We have established longstanding partnerships with outstanding motorcycle insurance companies so that we can find you the best rate. Whether your ride is a street bike, a touring bike, a cruiser, a custom-made chopper, or even a moped or scooter, your bike is synonymous with flexibility which brings enjoyment. But with this adventure comes unpredictability and since you never know what is around the next corner, the best coverage will ensure you’re ready for it.

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Do you simply need the general cycle insurance to get legal? We can assist! Are you passionate about your bike? We can cover your motorbike, your accessories, plus your riding gear. Selecting the ideal protection is like choosing the ideal bike. You want it to fit your needs and your lifestyle however likewise to be within your budget. The state mandates you have a minimal amount of liability protection yet greater limits are available and other coverages are suggested. Make certain you talk about all your offered choices with a trained agent at our office.

Below is all you must know to get the best price on your motorbike insurance:

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Is Cycle Insurance Coverage Mandated in Washington State?

Cycle insurance is required in Washington state since July 2019. Washington state passed and the Governor signed a modification removing the wording in the insurance coverage law exempting motorbike owners from being forced to have insurance coverage.
If you cause an accident and do not have insurance coverage, you could put you and your loved ones in monetary danger for the damage done to others. Whether the crash is your fault or not, medical bills and lost earnings for you and any passengers might drive you to bankruptcy. Mandated or not, you would want to have motorcycle insurance so you can protect yourself from a liability suit or a careless motorist who hits you.
cycle, trike, moped, scooter, and ATV insurance in Blaine

What Cycle Insurance Coverage Should I Get?

There are three insurance coverages every cycle insurance policy ought to have: liability, uninsured motorist}, and medical coverage.
  • Liability insurance coverage is the only protection that Washington state requires you to carry (since July 2019). Liability protects you if you are discovered at fault for an accident where another individual is injured or their property is harmed.
  • Uninsured Motorist is, probably, the most essential insurance protection and is listed second simply because you can not get it without buying liability. With uninsured motorist, your insurance company covers you and any others in your car as if they are the uninsured motorist’s insurance provider.In their October 2017 report, the Insurance Research Council reported that 17.4% of Washington drivers are uninsured.
  • Medical protection is an optional coverage and covers any necessary medical treatment for you and any others in your car up to the coverage amount you choose. This can be crucial if you do not have medical insurance to cover your medical costs or you have a high-deductible health insurance.
You may be shocked that comprehensive & collision (aka full coverage) are not on this list. These coverages are often mandated by loan providers if you take out a loan to buy your motorcycle. So yes, this protection is extremely essential to the bank however the 3 protections above are much more most likely to keep you from bankruptcy in case of a crash. Let’s face it. All motorcyclists are at the mercy of other drivers. This is not a video game where you can reset the game and start over. If you get hit, you might be hospitalized for months. Riding safe entails wearing the right protective equipment. If you take your safety and the financial security of your family seriously, then insurance must be viewed like protective gear.
motorbike, moped, trike, scooter, and ATV insurance in Blaine

Can You Insure My Vintage Motorbike?

Yes! If your bike is designed for either off-road or street use, we can get you insured! We can insure your:
  • Moped, scooter, dirt bike, and enduro
  • Custom, vintage, classic, collector, and antique
  • Cruiser, touring, sport touring, and trike, and even an autocycle
  • ATV or UTV with 3 wheels, 4 wheels, or even 8
  • What did we forget?
motorbike, scooter, trike, moped, and ATV insurance in Blaine

What is Broad Form Motorcycle Insurance?

Broad Form Motorbike Insurance is designed to give the policy owner liability insurance coverage no matter what cycle they may ride. Comprehensive and also collision insurance coverages (aka “full coverage”) that would pay to repair the bike in the event of a crash, theft, or vandalism can not be included in a cycle broadform plan but Uninsured Motorist and also Medical can be included. If you respond Yes to these three sentences, then Broad Form Bike Insurance policy may just be appropriate for you. 1. You own or ride a number of bikes. 2. You are the just one that at any time rides your cycles. 3. You do not require “full coverage” on any one of your bikes.
motorbike, scooter, moped, trike, and ATV insurance in Blaine

Just How Much Does Motorbike Insurance Coverage Cost?

Motorcycle insurance can cost you less than $200 annually or be more than $2000 each year depending upon six significant variables: your age, your driving record, your cycle, your zip code, your chosen insurance coverages, and also the discounts you qualify for.
  • Your Age: Statistics inform the insurance company that if you are under 25 you are more likely to be involved in a crash than if you are 30+.
  • Your Driving Record: If you have collected speeding tickets or have already had a wreck in the last couple years, then your probabilities of having another crash are higher.
  • Your Motorcycle: Some motorbikes appear to encourage negligent riders.
  • Your Home Address: Crowded, metropolitan areas also increase your possibilities of being involved in an accident.
  • Your Coverages: Naturally, if you buy more insurance coverages your rate is going to be increased but much like when you buy the bigger package at the grocery store, you likewise end up paying less per $1,000 of insurance. Increasing your liability protection from $25,000 per person to $50,000 per person would not double the price yet probably raise it less than 20%.
  • Your Discounts: Every insurance company offers various combinations of discounts. The more that match up with your situation, the more likely you will end up paying less. Some discounts available: Multiple motorcycle, Multiple policy, Claim-free, Safety course, Paid-in-full, Cycle organization membership, and more.
cycle, moped, scooter, trike, and ATV insurance in Blaine

What Company Has The Best Motorbike Insurance Quotes?

Motorcycle insurance coverage is not “One Size Fits All”. The best motorbike insurance provider for you will provide a policy that lines up with your particular needs. One call to us will get you all the quotes you require. As an independent agent, we quote you with numerous motorbike insurance providers to find the best match for you. Whether that’s coverage for a custom cycle or just the minimum Washington state requirements so you are legal. If you call any of the ‘name brand’ companies such as State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, Geico, or Markel, you just get one quote from their brand. Each insurer we carry, Progressive, Safeco, Dairyland, and Foremost, has various specialties giving you alternatives when you are shopping. A few of our insurers even offer an automobile & cycle insurance bundle discount, saving money on both policies. This is an excellent way to save money on your cycle insurance coverage.
cycle, moped, scooter, trike, and 4-wheeler insurance in Blaine

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage for New Riders

Purchasing your very first motorcycle can be a dream come true. Whether you are searching for motorcycle insurance coverage as a 19 year old or have at last saved up enough to purchase your very first motorbike or ATV/UTV, we can get you affordable cycle insurance coverage. As a new rider, you have less experience so insurance companies figure you are more likely to be involved in a crash and therefore will require you to pay more. Keep your driving record clean and avoid getting in crashes and you ought to see your rate drop as you gain experience.
motorcycle, trike, moped, scooter, and ATV insurance in Blaine

About Blaine

Blaine is a city in Whatcom County, Washington, United States. The city’s northern boundary is the Canada–US border. The Peace Arch international monument lies partly in Blaine and partly in Canada. The population was 4,684 at the 2010 census. Since Blaine is located right on the border with Canada, it is the northernmost city on Interstate 5, while the southernmost city is San Diego, California.

The area was first settled in the mid-19th century by pioneers who established the town as a seaport for the west coast logging and fishing industries, and as a jumping off point for prospectors heading to British Columbia’s gold fields. Blaine was officially incorporated on May 20, 1890, and was named after James G. Blaine (1830−1893), who was a U.S. senator from the state of Maine, Secretary of State, and, in 1884, the unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate. The city has a “turn-of-the-century” theme, marked by remodeled buildings and signs resembling designs that existed during the late 19th century and early 20th century.

The world’s largest salmon cannery was operated by the Alaska Packers’ Association for decades in Blaine; the cannery site has been converted to a waterfront destination resort on Semiahmoo Spit. Several saw mills once operated on Blaine’s waterfront, and much of the lumber was transported from its wharves and docks to help rebuild San Francisco following the 1906 fire there. The forests were soon logged, but Blaine’s fishing industry remained strong and robust into the second half of the 20th century. Into the 1970s Blaine was home to hundreds of commercial purse seiners and gillnetters plying the waters offshore of British Columbia, between Washington State and southeast Alaska. Blaine’s two large marinas are still home to hundreds of recreational sailboats and yachts, and a small fleet of determined local fishers provide visitors with dockside sale of fresh salmon, crab and oysters. Nature lovers have always appreciated Blaine’s coastal location, its accessible bike and walking trails, and view of mountains and water. Birdwatchers across the continent have discovered the area’s high content of migratory birds and waterfowl: Blaine’s Drayton Harbor, Semiahmoo Spit and Boundary Bay are ranked as Important Birding Areas by the Audubon Society.

Source: Blaine, Washington in Wikipedia

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