Pasco Fire Department held open house in Pasco | News
Pasco Fire Department held open house in Pasco | News

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Pasco, Wash. 


The Pasco Fire Department station 48 held a day of demonstrations and gave away some free swag and food.


Ben Shearer the Pasco Fire public information officer says this event helps the fire department educate and connect with the community.


Shearer says ” So as we continue to grow, we continue to have more needs. It’s important for people to know that their local fire station is there to take care of them, and where their weak points are. So as we start talking about weak points in our community, they’re going to hopefully understand where their local fire station is or how far away maybe their local station is away from them and why we need to build more fire stations.”


The PFD had a program over the summer where each station gave out collectible poker chips with custom logos. If you collected them all, you got a free pizza from Dominos at the open house.


PFD demonstrated several simulations such as CPR, rope rescues, and a car rescue where they cut open a car.


Shearer says that if you couldn’t make it out to the open house today, don’t worry. Pasco Fire is always available for questions about designing a fire escape plan or if you need some help with smoke detectors.


Shearer says that an event like this gives them and the community an opportunity to get together and answer questions. “Why does a fire truck respond with and ambulance? Open house is that time to talk to the community.”