You’ve probably seen the ads for Progressive Insurance’s Snapshot on TV. The device plugs into your car and, if you don’t drive like I do, it can get you a discount on your car insurance premiums.
This report, though, found a growing number complaints that the device ended up damaging their vehicle and possibly even putting them in danger while driving.

The I-Team found a long list of complaints online from consumers who said the Snapshot device suddenly shut off their cars or damaged the electrical components.

In 2013, a Florida driver filed a class-action lawsuit, claiming Progressive’s Snapshot had drained car batteries to the point they needed replacement.

A judge ultimately determined the case did not meet the threshold for class certification and the plaintiff settled with Progressive, according the lead attorney.

However, buried in the court documents, the I-Team found a deposition with a Progressive claims specialist. Through February 2014, the claims specialist testified Progressive Snapshot had tallied 8,121 customer complaints and $582,009 in claims payouts.