Image: KNDU

  Image: KNDU

Do you think Washington state needs to get tougher on drunk drivers? Should interlocks be required of all those ‘accused’ of drunk driving before they even get their day in court?
KNDU is reporting that
Governor Jay Inslee has introduced new legislation to crack down on thosed accused of driving drunk.

The measure would increase the penalties for drivers convicted of multiple DUIs including a mandatory jail time and a 10 year ban on purchasing alcohol.
The proposed legislation also requires, unless you can get an exemption by a court, mandatory installment of interlock devices on cars after being charged for a DUI, not after conviction.

When you look at these repeat offenders, the problem is they’ve got massive problems with alcohol and they haven’t come to grips with it and as a result they drive. And as a result, we get the kind of tragedies we’ve seen, and we’re not going to accept that anymore.

— Governor Inslee.

What do you think?
Does Washington need to get tougher on Drunk Driving?
Interlocks without being found guilty?
A license that says you are not permitted to purchase alcohol?