Red Light Cameras

San Diego is taking down their red-light cameras.
Seems that it was quite a money maker for the city but it bred contempt for the laws it was supposed to encourage folks to obey.
People always thought police officers got spiffs if they met quotas for issuing tickets and these red-light cameras just proved their point.

Do you think these red-light cameras are a good way to force folks to obey the law or are they just a way for cities to raise revenue?

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has decided to take down the city’s red-light cameras, saying data didn’t show that the program has decreased accidents or raised safety awareness in the city.

U-T San Diego reports crews took down “photo enforced” signs at 21 intersections after Filner’s announcement.

Nearly 200,000 tickets racking millions in fines have been issued since the cameras were introduced in 1998.

Filner says the cameras bred disrespect for the law because many people felt the program was just making money for the city and wasn’t improving safety. However, bicycle and pedestrian groups counter that the cameras have shown to improve traffic safety.

San Diego joins a growing list of Southern California cities that have ended their red light programs, including Los Angeles and Pasadena.