Photo: KNDU News

Photo: KNDU News

Fridays are unlucky for local apartment dwellers.
Last Friday there was a fire at the Sundance Apartments on North Tweedt Place.
Early this morning, four apartment units were damaged by a fire at Cambridge Station Apartments on Johnson Street in Kennewick.

Firefighters got both fires under control quickly.
But what now for the residents of the apartment complexes?
What if this happened to your apartment or home?

This should be a wake-up call for renters everywhere.
Your home or apartment does not need to be destroyed by fire to need renters insurance.
What would you do if your residence was smoke-damaged and you had to live in a hotel for a week or two while it is cleaned up?
Sure, the Red Cross will probably step in and help but wouldn’t you rather have a little more choice?
And what about your stuff that was ruined by the smoke?
How would you afford to replace them?

Renters insurance is very affordable.
When compared to the costs associated with having to deal with a fire, you might even say it is cheap.

Call your car insurance agent today and get a quote.
If you don’t have an agent, Call us now from anywhere in Washington State and we can give you a quote for renters insurance – toll free: (855) 637-1627