Goethals Park Nature PlaygroundToday the city of Richland had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the transformation of the old Goethals Park into the new Goethals Park Nature Playground. The event was well attended. Quite a few members of the Tri-City Regional Chamber’s Ambassador’s Club joined with the city parks crews, city officials, as well as a large number of elementary school children to celebrate the opening of this unique park. During the planning stages, the elementary kids suggested ideas for the nature play area and then came back to volunteer during the construction of the park. In October 2010 nearly 400 residents joined with city crews to help build the park on “Make a Difference Day.”

Goethals Park Nature PlaygroundThe new park has a great layout. Besides the obligatory jungle gym, climbing structures, and curved slides, the playground sports a number of tunnels made from large culvert pipe passing through ‘hills’ built on top of them.  An assortment trails, bridges, vegetation, sand pits, and boulders interlace the area. If you or your children are suffering from nature-deficit disorder then come visit this new park. I look forward to visiting.

Go by, check it out. Enjoy yourself.