Suspected DUI driver crashes into house in Port Ludlow
Suspected DUI driver crashes into house in Port Ludlow

Source: Google News

A driver crashed a vehicle into a home on Paradise Bay Road at East Boat Drive Friday night, and a child in the car received minor injuries.

No one in the home was hurt in the wreck.

The driver is suspected of being under the influence.

The vehicle flipped upside down after it hit the house, officials said.

A child who was riding in the back of the vehicle was transported to St. Michael Medical Center in Silverdale with minor injuries.

“We’re really lucky it wasn’t worse,” said Fire Chief Bret Black of East Jefferson Fire Rescue, who was the first on the scene.

Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue responded to the accident before receiving additional help from East Jefferson Fire Rescue and responders Naval Magazine Indian Island.

The vehicle had been traveling southbound at what appeared to be a high rate of speed, Black said.

“Looking at the skid marks before it left the pavement, the vehicle had already lost control,” he said.

The vehicle went off the road and careened downhill before hitting the home, which was below the grade of the roadway.

There were people in the house at the time of the accident, but none of them were injured.

“The structure was stable enough where we didn’t need to take any immediate action to stabilize it,” Black said.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested and booked into Jefferson County Jail for DUI and reckless endangerment.