Tech Developments to Enhance Motorcycle Rides
Technology has come a long way in the past decade! From navigation aids and performance data to Bluetooth apps and a digital heads-up display, there are a number of features available to improve motorcycle rides. Here are a few brief updates on some of the latest tech additions.

Electronic Throttle Control – Rather than a cable-controlled mechanical throttle, you can now make it a computerized function that may help prevent things like sudden stalls or unsafe bursts of power. An electronic control unit reads the difference between the amount of throttle you’re applying with the present engine speed, forward speed of the bike, and what gear you’re in. Then it calculates how much throttle increase is safe and limits it automatically.

Stability Control – At least two systems use new technology to keep you upright and stabilize the bike, mostly by coordinating braking and engine controls to prevent you from going over. Whether they sense a loss of traction or an overzealous braking action, the systems compute safe engine power levels and implement optimum braking to avoid a skid or worse.

Multi-Function Sunglasses – Depending on the model, you can record video, take calls or listen to music as you ride merrily along.

Augmented Reality Control – Coupled with voice recognition, a new helmet concept would allow you to use your navigation unit, make a phone call and change your music channel, all with voice commands. You could even see a display on part of your visor that showed, via a rear camera, what was behind you so you could have a full 360-degree view of the road and traffic. Unfortunately, the startup that rolled out the concept wasn’t able to bring it to market. Given its usefulness and hands-free voice control, watch for this promising idea to be incorporated in future products.

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via: Foremost