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This morning, Unitrin announced that Unitrin Inc. is changing its name to Kemper Corporation effective August 25, 2011.
Unitrin purchased the Kemper personal lines business in 2002.
The company will incorporate the Kemper name in many of its other business units over time.
Unitrin Specialty, the company we are able to make available to clients, will eventually become Kemper Specialty.

“Kemper is a legendary name in the insurance industry, and it offers an opportunity to create a unified brand for our family of companies and a strong platform for continued growth and expansion,” said Don Southwell, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.
“The Kemper name fits who we have become as a company,” Southwell continued. “It allows us to bring together all of our approximately 7,000 employees under one banner that reinforces our position as a straightforward company that delivers personal service and financial excellence in all of our interactions.”
Today, the company is delivering on that promise – Unitrin Inc. will become Kemper Corporation on August 25, 2011.

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