Washington State Patrol reminds people to slow down in poor road conditions | Traffic
Washington State Patrol reminds people to slow down in poor road conditions |

Source: Google News

CENTRAL WASHINGTON – Wednesday’s icy and foggy conditions caused several crashes throughout central Washington. Washington State Patrol wants to remind people to drive careful when road conditions are poor and remember you are not invincible just because you have all-wheel drive.

Between Yakima and Grandview, WSP reported two crashes Wednesday morning. WSP reported 13 crashes in Kennewick and Kittitas saw a 30-car pile-up that closed down I-90 eastbound for hours. All caused by a combination of frozen fog, icy roads and driving too fast for conditions. 

Trooper Chris Thorson with WSP says when road conditions are icy, you need to slow down, even if it means driving 20 to 30 miles per hour on the freeway. 

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the temperature if your car has an indicator. Trooper Thorson said even if it doesn’t look like there is ice on the roadway, if the temperature is below freezing, there is a high likelihood that black ice could be present. 

When freezing fog hits our area like it did today and makes it difficult to see when driving, Trooper Thorson said to use your best judgement on whether to continue.

“We don’t recommend continuing driving down the highway,” he said. “Try to pull off to a safe location. If you’re not able to get off to an off ramp or into a private parking lot, pull as far right to the right of the roadway, on the right shoulder as possible and activate all your four-way hazards.”

If you do pull right onto a narrow highway or road, and fog is dense, there is no guarantee other cars may see your emergency lights.

Trooper Daniel Mosqueda with WSP said if you can avoid driving when visibility is low, it’s better to stay home.