The process of filing an insurance claim can be quite stressful. Insurance claims rarely coincide with pleasant events, instead they usually follow some of the most stressful events we face. After a car accident, a house fire, storm damage, or even a death in the family, you need someone who knows the ropes and can work with you, an insurance agent and company you trust.

When you call in to the company to file an insurance claim, an adjuster will be assigned to evaluate your loss. The adjuster will need to gather information about the property that was damaged and, based on the type of claim, may need to have someone examine the property. Your adjuster will then contact you with a settlement amount as well as answer any questions you may have.

What happens if the insurance claims process doesn’t go smoothly?

Possibly you can’t agree on a settlement amount or you cannot find the documentation required? As your independent insurance agent, this is where we can assist.

As your agent our first job is to also be your advocate. We can work with you to help communicate with your adjuster and resolve any problems. We deal with insurance all the time and therefor understand the language.

Why are you buying insurance?

Whether you are buying car insurance or home insurance, you might be able to find cheaper rates on the internet and it might sound appealing to buy online without having to talk to an insurance agent but why are you buying insurance? Just to carry a card in the glove box? Or for the peace of mind of knowing that when one of those stressful moments arrives, you will have someone you know on your side?

Contact our office today and let us protect your family. We are your car insurance and home insurance professionals.