Zombie InsuranceIf the zombie apocalypse were to happen, would you be ready? Zombie attacks have been on the rise for years, now you can buy lifetime coverage for zombie-related incidents.

MyZombieInsurance.com (link now broken) offers a lifetime policy that normally sells for $12.99 but is currently on sale for $9.99. It comes with your very own insurance card, a proof of insurance certificate, and “Protected By” window decal to ward off potential zombie attacks.

Zombie Insurance will pay to repair your house, replace your stuff, or fix your car after the zombies come through your neighborhood.

There is a 48 hour waiting period before the policy goes into effect, so don’t wait till you start seeing Zombies to buy the policy.

The policy does not cover medical bills sustained in a zombie attack.
It only covers your physical property damaged by zombie-related attacks — such as your house, car, iPod, comic book and/or Cosmopolitan collections, Star Wars DVDs, and all your other stuff that your regular insurance companies don’t cover in the event of a zombie attack. Not to worry though, your health insurance will cover any injuries you may incur from a zombie or from a living person.

Would you consider buying this policy from us if we were able to offer it?