Apr 172015
New Teen Drivers - Got Good Insurance?

Are you scared yet?

If it is your teen who just got their license, then I am sure you are. Not only when they are driving but also when you are having to pay your insurance premium.

If it is the neighbor’s kid who just got their license, then you might want to look at increasing your Uninsured Motorist and Personal Injury Protection coverages.

Let us know if we can help!

Source: InsuranceSplash.com
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Apr 042015
Kennewick Man dies when hit by reckless driver evading police.

Photo: ANDREW JANSEN — Tri-City Herald

So sad. The police stopped the chase early but the reckless driver continued to drive recklessly. Our thoughts are with the family. And before you criticize the police for chasing at all, if the cops did not chase, then everyone with a record would run if they got pulled over and there would be even more accidents.
Source: Tri-City Herald