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File an Insurance Claim

Web addresses and toll free phone numbers to file an insurance claim directly to the insurance companies. For questions or to file an insurance claim with a company not listed, contact your insurance agent.

Company names in bold are insurance companies we represent and would be glad to help you with.
Feel free to call any of our agents in Kennewick, Pasco, Sunnyside, or Yakima.


Insurance CompanyPhone NumberWeb Site
21st Century Insurance(800) 633-4028 ??www.21stAgent.com
AIG Insurance(800) 633-4028 ??www.21stAgent.com
Allstate Insurance(800) 255-7828www.Allstate.com
Arrowhead Insurance(800) 905-7550 ??www.ArrowheadExchange.com
CBIC(877) 725-2242 ??www.mycbic.com
Dairyland Insurance(800) 526-4252 ??www.DairylandAuto.com
Financial Indemnity Co. (FIC)(888) 834-7780 ??www.UnitrinSpecialty.com
Foremost(800) 527-3907www.Foremost.com/claims
GMAC(877) 468-3466 ??www.GmacInsurance.com
Hallmark(866) 473-6898 ??none
Integon Insurance(877) 468-3466 ??www.GmacInsurance.com
Multi-State Insurance(800) 209-4110 www.msiga.com/
Lyndon Southern Insurance(800) 209-4110 www.msiga.com/
New South Insurance(877) 468-3466 ??www.GmacInsurance.com
Peak Property and Casualty(800) 334-0090 ??none
Prism Insurance(888) 834-7780 ??www.UnitrinSpecialty.com
Red Shield(800) 527-7397 ??www.RedShield.com
Safeco Insurance(866) 472-3326 ??www.Safeco.com
Saver Insurance(888) 834-7780 ??www.UnitrinSpecialty.com
Topa Insurance(800) 209-4110 www.msiga.com/
Unitrin(888) 834-7780 ??www.UnitrinSpecialty.com
Viking(800) 334-0090 ??www.DairylandAuto.com
Workmen’s Auto Insurance(800) 697-6117 ??www.waic.com