Insurance Products & Services

Insurance Products & Services

As an Independent Insurance Agency, Mid-Columbia Insurance has the freedom to offer our clients a wide range of insurance products from some of the best insurance companies. This flexibility allows us to offer the coverage you want at a price you can afford.

Auto & Vehicle Insurance Products Offered

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  • Car Insurance • is mandated by the state and provides you financial protection in case of an accident. It can also cover you, your passengers, and damage or theft of your vehicle.
  • Broadform Car Insurance • insures the named driver to drive most any personal passenger vehicle, owned or non-owned. Because the insurance company does not have to worry about you lending your car to others, the rate is cheaper.
  • SR22 Insurance • is a proof of insurance documentation filed with the state for drivers who have lost their license and need insurance to get it back.
  • Motorcycle Insurance • is now required in Washington state and provides financial protection in the event of a motorcycle accident. Depending on the coverages you choose to buy, it can also cover injuries to you and your passengers as well as damage to the bike.
  • Broadform Motorcycle Insurance • insures the named driver to drive any motorcycle for personal use. It provides financial protection for you in the event of a motorcycle accident. It can also cover injuries to you and your passengers but it does not cover damage to the bike.
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Ridesharing Insurance
  • Non-owner insurance • is liability insurance for people who don’t own vehicles, rarely drive the same vehicle, and don’t borrow vehicles from household members. This is why the Broad Form policy has the word ‘broad’ in the name.

Property Insurance Offered

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  • Homeowners Insurance • covers damages to your home, furnishings, and other belongings. Homeowners insurance also provides coverage for liability claims made against you.
  • Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Insurance • provides coverage for your manufactured home and your personal belongings, as well as protecting you against liability claims just like a regular homeowners insurance policy.
  • Condo Insurance • is similar to homeowner’s insurance except that condo owners insurance does not cover the actual building. Instead it provides coverage for everything inside your condo.
  • Renters Insurance • provides coverage for your belongings inside in your rented home or apartment as well as protecting you against liability claims made against you.
  • Landlord Insurance • Covers rental properties from financial losses. It typically covers only the property itself but can extend to the contents inside (like appliances) that belong to the landlord.
  • Valuable Articles/Personal Property Insurance • Protects your most valuable belongings in the case of theft or damages. Typical items covered include jewelry or expensive medical devices.

Recreational Vehicle & Toy Insurance

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  • Motorhome & Travel Trailer Insurance • protects you, as the RV owner, from excessive out of pocket expenses should your RV become damaged or stolen. If you are at fault in an accident that causes bodily injury or property damage then your motorhome policy will cover your liability.
  • Boat and Watercraft Insurance • covers against liability and may pay to repair your boat or other watercraft after it’s damaged in an accident whether it’s on water or land or replace it if stolen.
  • ATV Insurance • may be required depending on where you are driving it. Like auto insurance, it covers damage you do to others and you can purchase coverage to protect you, your passengers, and your ATV.
  • Snowmobile Insurance • prevents you from having to pay out of pocket if you injure another person or damage their property while riding your snowmobile and, depending on the coverage you purchased, may help pay to repair damage to your sled.
  • Golf Cart/Low-Speed Vehicle Insurance • is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of being liable for injuries to another person. The policy would be similar to an auto insurance policy, providing liability insurance, physical damage coverage for the cart, and medical coverage for you and your passengers.

Other Insurance Products

  • Umbrella Insurance • extends beyond the protection of your existing insurance policies to provide additional protection for excess liabiity exposures.
  • Identity Theft Insurance • in the event of ID theft, helps pay for a case manager and qualifying expenses.
  • Pet Health Insurance • helps pay for expensive vet bills and includes preventative care.
  • Roadside Assistance • can help with services like changing a flat tire, jump-starting a dead battery, or towing your vehicle to a repair shop.

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