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Dairyland InsuranceAs a Dairyland Insurance Agent in Washington State, we know you have many choices for auto insurance. We’ll help you understand your auto insurance coverage and options. Mid-Columbia Insurance serves all of Washington state with offices in Kennewick, Pasco, and Yakima. Call us today at (509)783-5600.

Dairyland Car Insurance

Dairyland Car InsuranceDairyland helps protect you with cheap insurance from a provider who understands you and where you’re going. Low-cost insurance along with quality coverage selections, money-saving discounts, low down payments, pay-as-you-go plans, SR22s, and outstanding customer service.

Broad Form Car Insurance

Drivers License Insurance

SR22 Insurance

Lost your license? Get it back!

Motorcycle Insurance

Preferred motorcycle coverage for the careful bike rider

Cheap Motorcycle InsuranceMotorcycles come in all shapes and sizes: cruisers, choppers, sport cycles, touring bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, and mopeds are only some of the motorcycle types we can insure through Dairyland.

Broad Form Motorcycle Insurance

Do you own a couple of bikes but are the only rider? You can only ride one at a time. Tired of paying for 2, 3, or more bikes to be covered? Broad Form Motorcycle Insurance is the solution.

Needing to just “Get Legal” since Washington state now requires motorcycles riders to have insurance? Broad Form Motorcycle Insurance is the solution.

Broad Form Motorcycle Insurance provides you, the named insured, liability coverage while driving both owned and non-owned motorcycles.

Off-road vehicle insurance

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