Broad Form Insurance (aka Drivers license Insurance) insures you to drive almost any car instead of insuring specific cars.

Broad Form Insurance is Drivers License Insurance – Washington

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Washington Broad Form Insurance is a car insurance policy that covers a single driver to drive most any car and is an inexpensive way to satisfy the Washington state liability insurance requirements to drive legally.

A Broad Form insurance policy is an inexpensive car insurance option if you just need liability insurance coverage. And best of all, instant proof of insurance can be emailed to you immediately!

What is Broad Form Auto Insurance?

Broad Form Insurance (aka Drivers license Insurance) insures you to drive almost any car instead of insuring specific cars. It provides coverage for you to drive any owned or non-owned personal-use vehicle that fits within the definitions of the policy. For example, if you were to borrow your friend’s uninsured car, you would be insured while driving. Many high-risk drivers choose Broad Form Coverage because it is usually less expensive than a standard policy but it is also popular among those who own multiple older cars and don’t allow anyone else to operate them. This type of policy can also be called broadform insurance, broadband insurance, and, more formally, broad form named operator insurance.

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How Does Broad Form Auto Insurance Work?

A regular car insurance policy covers you when driving the cars specifically listed on the policy. A Broad Form Auto Insurance Policy covers you while driving any private passenger car you own or borrow. It doesn’t matter if you own 0, 1, or 12 cars. And your monthly premium does not change if you buy another car because vehicles are not listed on the policy. Standard policies act as secondary insurance when you borrow someone else’s car but only if the borrowed vehicle is not available for your regular use. So, if you borrow a car frequently or it is parked at your address, then your regular car insurance coverage will not transfer to the borrowed car unless that car is listed on your policy. Broad Form Coverage does not have this restriction and is secondary insurance on any car you borrow as well as primary insurance on any car you own. So, whether you own a car or not, you can insure your license and be insured to drive!

Broad Form Insurance Coverage Satisfies Washington State Minimum Liability Requirements

Broad Form Coverage satisfies Washington state’s minimum requirements for auto insurance, covering damages you may cause while driving an owned or borrowed car. You can avoid unnecessary tickets for driving without insurance. If you have ever considered driving without insurance, think again. In Washington state, driving without insurance can get you a hefty fine of $550. Get legal for less today.

SR-22 Filings Are Available on Broad Form Policies

An SR-22 can be added to a broad form policy because a broad form coverage satisfies Washington state’s minimum liability requirements. Therefore an SR-22 filing can be added to the policy to get your license unsuspended. If you need an SR-22, a Broad Form Policy can also help if you have vehicles insured with a preferred insurance provider and want to avoid getting canceled or having your rate increase if they find out you need an SR-22. You can purchase Broad Form SR-22 Insurance and keep your SR-22 separate from your current preferred insurance.

How to Obtain Broad Form Insurance in Washington State

1. Call Mid-Columbia Insurance at (509)783-5600 and request a Broad Form Insurance quote. 2. Provide our insurance specialist with a few basic facts about yourself and your driving record. 3. Say Yes if the price fits your budget. Our agent will email you your insurance cards within minutes, and you can drive with confidence. We can offer Broad Form Coverage if you live anywhere in Washington. You are only one call away from getting your driver’s license insured at a price you can afford. Quick Quotes and Fast Coverage.

Conclusion: Is Broad Form Auto Insurance a Suitable Option for You?

A Broad Form Personal Auto Policy may be the right type of coverage for you if:
  • You do not own a vehicle yet want to be insured.
  • You borrow vehicles frequently and want to be certain you are covered.
  • You own multiple cars, and no one else ever drives them.
  • You need an SR22 but do not own a vehicle.
  • You need an SR22 but don’t want to tell your preferred insurance company.
Small Print: This is just a summary of the broad form named operator coverage. For complete details of all policy terms, conditions, coverages, and exclusions, please speak to a licensed insurance agent and refer to your policy and the broad form named operator endorsement.

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