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Car Insurance

Whatever you drive, you know you need car insurance. Not just to keep from getting a ticket but to also protect your assets if you cause an accident. The right policy can help pay medical bills, repairs, certain legal defense costs, and more. Protect yourself from expensive and possibly devastating surprises, let us help you find the coverage you want at a price you can afford.

A number of factors go into calculating your auto insurance rate: zip code, marital status, gender, annual mileage, driving record, and the vehicle year, make, and model. Let us find you the right Washington car insurance today by combining affordable and competitive rates with our 5-star outstanding customer service. Learn why thousands of Washington households trust Mid-Columbia Insurance for their car insurance needs.

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Broad Form / Drivers License Insurance

Are you looking for a affordable way to get insured? Broad Form Insurance, also known as Drivers License Insurance, covers you to drive most any car. Owned or Not. Perfect if you own several cars or if you frequently borrow other people’s cars and want to make sure you are insured in case they aren’t.

Unlike regular auto insurance that insures specific cars, a Broad Form Policy only covers you, the policy holder. The insurance company does not have to worry about you lending your car to someone else and them causing an accident since you are the only covered driver.

And if you have 4 cars? Well, 3 of them, at least, are parked, so there is no reason to charge for them. And the best thing is you don’t have to call when you buy or sell your cars because since are no cars listed on the policy.

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SR22 Insurance

You’re not alone if you need a Washington SR22 in Washington. If you had your driver’s license revoked for Driving While Intoxicated, a lot of citations, or if you caused an collision while driving without insurance, you likely will be required to have an SR-22 form.

You have 3 possibilities if your license gets revoked: request your existing insurance agent to file an SR-22 for you; get an SR22 filing from some other agent so you don’t need to tell your insurance company; or don’t drive for 3 years. If your SR22 insurance coverage terminates, the insurer will let the state know right away which could possibly result in your license being revoked once again.

Requiring an SR22 is not for life. The three years will pass swiftly if you drive sensibly as well as keep your SR-22 active. While an SR22 might cost you more, our professional agents can ensure you find the best affordable solution.

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Motorcycle & ATV Insurance

Love your bike or ATV? Insure your motorcycle from theft or vandalism, along with any liability or medical coverage that you would need after accident while riding your motorcycle.

Motorcycle insurance is required in Washington state if you are riding your bike on the road. If you financed your dirt bike or ATV then the bank will require you carry ‘full coverage.’ Let us help you find the most affordable rates. We represent a number of companies that specialize in motorcycle, dirt bike, and side-by-side insurance.

And if you own multiple motorcycles and only need liability coverage on them to be legal, we even have broadform motorcycle insurance so you would be covered to drive most any motorcycle. Call us today and see what your options are.

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Mid-Columbia insurance did everything in their expertise to get me the best quotes from the best insurance companies around, even with my bad driving record Paul was able to get me a quote which was well with in my budget. Thank you so much Paul.
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I was shopping around for a couple of months trying to find insurance and Mid-Columbia was the best rate out there for the new car I have with my career and being able to afford my car and insurance. I would recommend them to all my family and friends. Once my daughter starts driving and working I’m having her go through Mid Columbia Insurance
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