Aftermarket Steering Wheel Decals | NHTSA Warns of Dangers
Protecting Your Safety The Dangers Of Aftermarket Steering Wheel Decals

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently issued a critical warning to drivers about the potential hazards of using aftermarket steering wheel decals. These decorative embellishments, often adorned with rhinestones or other shiny elements, can pose a significant risk of injury or even death in the event of a crash.

Real-Life Incidents Highlight the Dangers

The NHTSA has reported two alarming incidents where drivers suffered severe injuries caused by aftermarket steering wheel decals during crashes:

  • In one case, a driver lost sight in one eye when a rhinestone-adorned decal dislodged from the steering wheel and struck them in the face.
  • Another driver sustained serious injuries to their face and neck when pieces of a metal decal with rhinestones were propelled by the deploying air bag.

We hope that by sharing this crucial information, we hope to prevent avoidable tragedies and keep our roads safer for everyone.

Aftermarket Steering Wheel Decals Nhtsa Warns Of Dangers

How Aftermarket Decals Can Compromise Your Vehicle’s Safety Features

Aftermarket steering wheel decals are typically made of metal or plastic and are designed to cover the vehicle’s logo in the center of the steering wheel. However, unlike the permanently affixed emblems, these decals can easily detach during a crash when the air bag deploys, turning them into dangerous projectiles capable of causing significant harm.

It’s essential to understand that any alterations or changes to your air bag or its cover can also lead to malfunctions, further increasing the risk of injury in the event of an accident. As a responsible vehicle owner in Washington state, it’s crucial to maintain the integrity of your car’s safety features to protect yourself and your passengers.

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: What You Can Do

To ensure your safety and the well-being of your loved ones, we strongly advise the following:

  • Refrain from purchasing or using aftermarket steering wheel decals on any vehicle make or model.
  • If you have already applied a decorative decal to your steering wheel, remove it immediately.
  • Spread awareness about the potential dangers of these decals to friends, family, and colleagues.

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