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Your Auto or Homeowners Policy May Not Be Enough

If you’re an off-road enthusiast who enjoys exploring the great outdoors on your ATV, UTV, snowmobile, or dirt bike, it’s essential to have the right insurance coverage. While some may assume that their auto or homeowners policy will provide sufficient protection, the reality is that these policies often fall short when it comes to off-road vehicles. That’s where Dairyland’s specialized off-road vehicle insurance comes in.

Tailored ATV Coverage for Adventure Seekers

Dairyland offers a customized Powersports product tailored to the unique needs of adventure seekers. With reliable coverage and top-notch 24/7 claims services, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected if your off-road adventure takes an unexpected turn.

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Enhanced Permissive Use Coverage

One of the standout features of Dairyland’s off-road vehicle insurance is the enhanced permissive use coverage. This provides the policy’s full liability coverage for any driver with permission from the insured to operate the vehicle. Without this coverage, permitted drivers would only have the state’s minimum liability coverage, not the limits purchased by the insured.

Submersion Coverage

Another unique coverage offered by Dairyland is submersion coverage, which pays for expenses incurred for salvage or recovery operations due to complete or partial submersion of the vehicle up to a maximum limit of $2,500. This is particularly valuable for those who enjoy riding near water or in areas prone to flooding.

Transport Trailer Coverage

Dairyland also allows you to add transport trailer coverage to any vehicle type. This pays for accidental damage to your transport trailer caused by events such as fire, severe weather, vandalism, flood, theft, or impact with animals, another object, or vehicle upset. Available in four increments of coverage ($2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000), with a $500 per occurrence deductible, this coverage provides added protection for your valuable equipment.

Money-Saving Discounts

In addition to these specialized coverages, Dairyland offers a variety of money-saving discounts to make their off-road vehicle insurance even more attractive. These include multi-policy, home ownership, garaging, paid-in-full, policy transfer, multi-vehicle, prior insurance, and claim-free renewal discounts, among others.

Claims Comparison:Coverage with Auto or Homeowners Policy:Specialized Dairyland Off-Road Vehicle Policy:
An Accident Occurs:Most do not cover medical costs.Policy includes coverage for insured medical costs.
Off-Road Vehicle is Stolen:May not be covered, and insured would have to replace themselves.Policy typically covers value of replacement.
Damaged by Water, Fire, or Other Cause:Most do not cover this type of damage.Policy typically covers repair or value of replacement.
Parts of Vehicle Damaged in an Accident:Most do not cover this type of damage.Policy typically covers repair or value of replacement, including transport trailers.
Coverage may vary by policy type

Broad Protection Compared to Other Policies

When compared to relying on auto or homeowners policies, Dairyland’s specialized off-road vehicle insurance provides more extensive protection. It covers medical costs for the insured in the event of an accident, replacement value if the vehicle is stolen, and repairs or replacement value for damage caused by water, fire, or other causes, including damage to transport trailers.

Getting Started with Dairyland

To get started with Dairyland’s off-road vehicle insurance, simply call Mid-Columbia Insurance at (509)783-5600 or request a quote online. Remember to add all operators age ten and over, note the vehicle capacity, and consider adding coverage for optional equipment, which is common for these vehicle types.

Don’t let insufficient insurance coverage put a damper on your off-road adventures. Choose Dairyland’s specialized off-road vehicle insurance for the protection and peace of mind you deserve. Get a quote today and start exploring with confidence!