Reflections: Pedestrian Dies After Being Hit By Motorcycle in Yakima
58-year-old man struck by motorcycle dies

October 7, 2021 – A 58-year-old pedestrian attempting to cross South Fair Ave near Kiwanis Park in Yakima was struck by a person riding a motorcycle Saturday night around 8 pm. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after the collision occurred.
The Yakima Police Department reported the investigation is still ongoing and provided no information about the motorcycle rider or any details on how the crash happened.

Mid-Columbia Insurance would like to extend our sympathies to the bereaved family of the deceased. Our thoughts are with you through these trying times.

Insurance Reflections

We have no idea what coverages either party in this accident had but are simply using this as a teaching opportunity so you can review your coverage with your insurance agent.

As The Pedestrian

Believe it or not, your car insurance policy could provide coverage for you or a resident family member as a pedestrian if injured by a car.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is optional in Washington but can cover:

  • Medical and hospital expenses: up to $10,000 for each person injured in the accident. Additional coverage is available to increase this limit up to $35,000 per person.
  • Wage loss: up to $200 per week ($10,000 total) for income replacement
  • Loss of services: up to $200 per week ($5,000 total) to pay a non-family member to do household chores you are not able to do, and
  • Funeral expenses: up to $2,000 for each person who died due to the accident.

Sadly the victim passed away due to the accident but if the family had PIP coverage on their personal auto policy then the funeral expenses will be covered up to $2,000 and any medical expenses incurred will be covered up to the limits selected.

As The Motorcyclist

If you were the wife or child of this 58-year-old victim, how much would you ask your lawyer to sue the motorcyclist for?
It is because of accidents like this that Washington state now requires all motorcyclists to carry liability insurance.

Washington state’s mandatory insurance law only requires you to carry $25,000 liability per person. Will that be enough? Any judgment over that amount will have to be paid out of your assets or your future wages could be garnished.
If you ride a motorcycle, do you have enough liability?

Review Your Coverages

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