What is Broad Form Insurance in Washington State?
What is Broad Form Insurance Washington State?

Washington Broad Form Insurance is Insurance For Your Drivers License

Broad Form Insurance in Washington State insures a specific driver (you) to drive owned and non-owned private passenger vehicles instead of insuring a specific car (or cars). Broad Form Insurance is commonly called Drivers License Insurance because the insurance covers the named insured in both owned and non-owned vehicles and is not limited to the cars listed on a normal car insurance policy.

The Broad Form Insurance rate does not depend on the number of cars you drive or the type of cars you drive. You pay the same amount whether you drive one, three, or even twelve cars, This policy is designed for someone who owns and is the only driver of several cars or they frequently borrow cars and want to make sure they are insured in case the owner’s insurance won’t cover them.

What is Broad Form Insurance Washington State?

Washington Broad Form Insurance Is Better than Non-Owner Insurance

Broad Form Insurance, also called Broad Form Named Operator Insurance, should not be confused with the more common, Non-Owner Insurance. The Named Non-Owner policy only covers cars you don’t have regular access to drive. So any car owned by you, parked at your residence, or lent to you frequently is excluded from coverage but would be covered by Broad Form Insurance.

Because the Broad Form Insurance adds back the exclusion for owned and regular-use vehicles, it gets the name “broad form”. Most states allow Named Non-Owner Insurance to be offered and most insurance companies offer it but for some reason, Washington is one of the few states that allows Broad Form Insurance to be offered and only a handful of insurance companies choose to do so.

More Than Just Bare-Bones Insurance

Washington Broad Form Insurance is inaccurately described online often as bare-bones insurance that can only have minimum liability coverage. While it is true that Broad Form Insurance can have the state minimum 25/50/10 liability, you can choose 100/300/50 liability — hardly bare-bones.

Broad Form Insurance in Washington can also have Uninsured Motorist (UM) and/or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) added just like every other kind of car insurance policy. Sure, you may be looking for cheap car insurance but UM and PIP can be added and we recommend them because they protect you and the people in your car.

The only major coverages that cannot be added are Comprehensive and Collision. These cover physical damage to your car after a covered incident. If you have the car financed, the bank will probably require “Full Coverage”, which just means Comprehensive & Collision. Broad Form Insurance does not offer these since the insurance company doesn’t know if you are driving a brand new Tesla or an old Geo Metro.

Washington Broad Form SR-22 Insurance

If you need SR-22 Insurance but don’t have a car or just want to keep your existing “preferred” rates for your cars, Broad Form Insurance is an excellent option. Mid-Columbia Insurance can file your SR22 insurance with the state so you can start driving again.

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