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Clover Island Lighthouse

Clover Island is a small island in the Columbia River located in Kennewick, Washington between the Blue Bridge and the Cable Bridge. It is roughly 2,400′ long, 700′ wide and has an area of 16 acres. The island is owned by the Port of Kennewick. Prior to the construction of the McNary Dam near Umatilla, Oregon, Clover Island had an area of around 162 acres.

Members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition visited Clover Island on October 17, 1805, while en route to the Pacific Ocean.

Unlike Bateman Island, which is located just upstream, Clover Island is highly developed. It is connected to the shore by a causeway and is crossed by Clover Island Drive. Clover Island is also easily accessible by bicyclists, owing to its proximity to the Sacagawea Heritage Trail.

Clover Island is home to the Clover Island Inn, a four-story hotel at the east end of the island. Also on the island is the Ice Harbor Brewing Company, and Cedars Restaurant. Altogether there are three eating establishments on the island.

The Clover Island Yacht Club is located on the island, as well as a two lane boat launch, and the 15,000-square-foot Lighthouse Plaza which is a great place for viewing sunsets, enjoying wildlife, holding portrait sessions, weddings, and special events. The island now features an entry gateway, recreational pathway, lighthouse, public plaza, and a collection of public art.

Clover Island is also home to the Clover Island Lighthouse. Constructed in May 2010, the Lighthouse is a four-section, pre-cast concrete structure standing 62 feet tall. The fully functional lighthouse is a U.S. Coast Guard-approved Private Aid to Navigation (PATON). The lighthouse tower houses a white beacon that flashes every four seconds. The lighthouse is the first lighthouse to be built in the United States since 1962.

The United States Coast Guard’s Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) Kennewick is headquartered on the island. ANT Kennewick is part of Marine Safety Unit Portland and holds primary responsibility for fixed navigational structures in the Columbia River between Hood River, Oregon and Richland as well as in the Snake River from its mouth upstream to Lewiston, Idaho. They also hold secondary responsibility for all other navigational aids between Hood River and Fort Peck, Montana, which includes major lakes near Spokane and in the Idaho Panhandle.

ANT Kennewick was established in 1992. Previous to this it was known as Station Kennewick. The facility was built in 1962 when operations were moved from John Day, Oregon because Kennewick seemed like a more reasonable halfway point.

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