Electronic Insurance ID Card
In 2013, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5095 into law. This legislation allows drivers to provide proof-of-insurance and registration information from their “portable electronic device” to law enforcement officers.

Most states now allow motorists to use electronic versions of their insurance ID cards when pulled over by the police. Just remember, if you happen to get pulled over in a state that does not allow e-proof then you will be out of luck. As for our neighbors, Idaho & Oregon do allow e-proof of insurance.

Just have your insurance agent email you a PDF version of the card. All smart phones can display PDF files. Our suggestion is that you do a screen shot of the card once you pull it up on your phone so you will always have it on your photo roll and not have to worry about internet connections when you are out in the middle of nowhere. Also make sure you update the card every renewal so that you don’t get pulled over only to have an expired card to show.

But don’t complain if the officer drops your phone.

If a policyholder provides a portable electronic device for proof of insurance, the policyholder assumes all liability for any damage to the portable electronic device while in the possession of the law enforcement officer.

Will you be using a digital insurance card?