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Safeco Auto Insurance is available through Mid-Columbia Insurance as an authorized agent representing Safeco in Washington. Whether you’re a new driver or looking to save money by switching insurance companies, Safeco Insurance can help protect you from many hazards on the road.

The law may require all drivers to have insurance, but that doesn’t mean every policy is identical. At Mid-Columbia Insurance we know you have many auto insurance choices. We’ll help you understand your auto insurance coverage and options. Call us at (509)783-5600 or complete the quote form for a Safeco Auto Insurance Quote.

The insurance you want at a price you can afford

Choosing the right coverage is like choosing the right car. You want it to fit your needs and your lifestyle but also to be within your budget.

The state requires you to carry a minimal amount of liability coverage but higher limits and other coverages are highly recommended and available.

Getting the right Insurance coverage in Washington state is important. We will help make sure you are aware of all your options so you can make an informed choice.

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If you already have Safeco car insurance and are just looking for an agent to help you, it is possible and simple to move your policy to our agency so we can help you. Call and speak to one of our insurance specialists today!

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25+ Years Experience

Mid-Columbia Insurance has over 25 years of experience helping drivers get the insurance they want. We love Safeco but they might not be the right fit for you. As an independent agent, we always quote you with multiple companies and we know how to get you the most affordable insurance no matter your situation.

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Why We Recommend Safeco Auto Insurance

You’ve probably seen commercials on television about insurance carriers offering low auto insurance rates if you drive like a lizard or throw like a quarterback. Safeco does not spend the millions it takes to run those commercials over and over again. Instead, they partner with local independent agents, like Mid-Columbia Insurance, to make personal connections with our clients.

If you’re wondering how you can get affordable car insurance that provides the coverage you and your family need, get a quote from us and we will see if Safeco can offer you the best rates or if it is one of our other companies (it is nice not to be shackled to just one company).

Safeco has some great features (detailed below, that save our customers lots of money and allow them to qualify for accident forgiveness as well as for diminishing deductibles. Also, If you need to insure a motorcycle, boat, or some other recreational vehicle, Safeco not only can do it, they will give you a discount as well.

Safeco Auto Insurance Coverages

Build Your Own Auto Insurance Policy • Safeco’s many auto insurance coverage options allow you to build the policy you want. Talk to your local independent agent, Mid-Columbia Insurance, to get the best combination of coverage, value, and price, and for personal advice on which coverage options are right for you.

Policy Level Coverages

Coverages that are the same for every vehicle on the policy…..

  • Liability • Car insurance always begins with liability coverage since it is required by state law and protects you financially when you’re liable for your actions as the owner or driver of your vehicle.
  • Uninsured Motorist • Coverage up to your policy limits in case a driver with insufficient coverage damages your vehicle.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) • Medical coverage up to your policy limits for your and/or your passengers’ medical bills after an accident.
  • Pet Coverage • Covers veterinary costs or pays out a death benefit if your dog or cat is injured or killed in a collision.

Vehicle Level Coverages

  • Comprehensive • Helps pay for repairs or to replace your car if it is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in some way other than in a collision. Includes loss or damage from fire, flood, falling objects, wind, hail, and collision with an animal.
  • Collision • Helps pay for repairs to your car for damage caused in an accident.
  • Rental Reimbursement • After a covered accident, this coverage will reimburse you for the full or partial cost of renting a car while yours is in the shop being repaired.
  • Roadside Assistance • Covers towing to the nearest qualified repair shop and other basic emergency services such as fuel delivery if you run out of gas, jump starting your battery, and locksmith services if you’re locked out of your car.
  • Emergency Assistance Package • Includes all the benefits of Roadside Assistance plus adds coverage up to $100 for expenses and up to $500 for meals, lodging, and transportation if you’re involved in an accident more than 25 miles away from home. Also includes coverage for personal belongings damaged in an accident or stolen from your car.
  • Rideshare • Covers ride-share drivers in the gaps while they’re on the clock but before or after they have a passenger.
  • New Car Replacement™ • If you’re the original owner of a car that is less than a year old and it is totaled or stolen, this coverage will pay you the value of a comparable new car.
  • GAP • If your car is declared a total loss because of an accident or theft, Safeco pays the difference between how much is left on your loan or lease and the depreciated value of your car. Sometimes called Loan and Lease Coverage.
  • Electronic Key and Lock Replacement • Pays to replace electronic keys that are lost or stolen along with any remote control pads and locks – at no extra charge and with no deductible.
  • Custom Equipment Coverage • Covers permanently installed custom equipment that was not installed at the factory or dealership. Eligible equipment includes stereos and DVD players as well as cosmetic/performance modifications like roll bars, custom wheels, lift kits, murals, and modified engines.
  • Personal Property Coverage • Covers personal items damaged in an accident or stolen from your car. Typically, this is covered by renters or homeowners insurance if you have it.
  • CD and DVD Replacement • Get coverage for damaged or stolen audio-visual media like your CD, DVD, videotape, cassette, or record collection.

Available Discounts

Safeco offers a number of discounts, particularly to safe drivers, to help you save on your auto insurance policy.

  • Auto/Home Bundle • Save up to 35% when you bundle your auto and home insurance.
  • Multi Policy • Save up to 15% when you have other insurance policies with Safeco
  • Home Owner • Significant savings on your auto insurance when you own your home, townhouse, condominium or mobile home.
  • Right Track • Good drivers receive savings from 5% to 30%. Ask how.
  • Safe Driver • Receive additional benefits by being a safe driver, purchasing a safe vehicle or taking an accident prevention course. Most discounts last up to three years.
  • Multi Vehicle • Save when you add multiple vehicles to the same Safeco policy.
  • Anti Theft • Save money when you deter thieves with an audible alarm or a disabling device that renders the fuel, ignition or starting system inoperative.
  • Safety Equipment • Save money if you have anti-lock brakes.
  • Pay In Full • If you pay your policy bill (six-month or one-year amounts) in full, you’ll receive a discount.
  • Teen Safety Rewards • Offers a package of discounts to lower the cost of adding a teen onto your policy. Savings include options like good student discounts and driver training discounts.
  • Senior Safe Driver • Drivers 55+ who successfully completed an approved accident prevention course get a discount that lasts for two years.
  • Low Mileage Discount • Drive Less. Pay Less. Save up to 20% with the Safeco low mileage discount if your car is in the driveway more than it is on the road.
  • Accident Free Discount

Safeco Insurance Features & Distinctives

The main difference between Safeco and other auto insurance companies is the large number of incentives available. Safeco provides useful features to customers, including accident forgiveness, first aid reimbursement, and diminishing deductible options. It also provides gap coverage if your vehicle is lost or stolen and rideshare coverage that allows you to stay ensured when en route to pick up rideshare clients (in participating states).

  • Online Bill Pay • Whether you choose to pay monthly, bi-annually, or annually, Safeco customers can pay their bills online and streamline payments with auto-billing.
  • Online Claims • If you need to file a claim, Safeco lets customers initiate the process online, through their account. Updates and “next steps” can also be tracked online.
  • Mobile App • Safeco gives you access to your policy details and allows you to make changes online. Instantly obtain proof of insurance from a computer or mobile device. Make quick changes to the drivers on your policy from your computer or phone. Pull your account data and billing history easily to obtain records of past payments and changes.
  • Reimbursement for First Aid • All Safeco auto policies include up to $10,000 in coverage for reimbursement of first aid administered to others after an accident.
  • Accident Forgiveness • The first accident on your policy is waived after you reach a certain number of years with Safeco without an at-fault collision or violation.
  • Diminishing Deductible • Reduces your collision deductible by $100 at every annual renewal if there are no claims filed against your policy. Your deductible can decrease for up to five years for a maximum of $500.
  • Claims-Free Cash Back • Safeco customers with 12-month Superior or Ultra policies can get up to 5% cash back each year. Eligibility rules for the cash back include having no claims within the last six months (not-at-fault claims, at-fault claims below a certain threshold, and comprehensive-only claims don’t count).