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Car Insurance Bothell WA

Car Insurance

Choosing the best auto insurance in Bothell is the key to keeping you, your family, and your car safe in the event of an accident or other vehicle damage.

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Broad Form Insurance Bothell WA

Drivers License Insurance

Insure your drivers license in Bothell. Broad Form Insurance covers you to drive any car. Owned or Not. Broadform is perfect if you own several cars or if you frequently borrow other people’s cars.

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SR22 Insurance Bothell WA

SR22 Insurance

License suspended or revoked because of too many tickets, a DUI, or driving without insurance? You need to file an SR22 in Bothell with the department of licensing.

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Renter Insurance Bothell WA

Renters Insurance

Protect your ‘stuff’ in Bothell if it is damaged by a fire or stolen. How much would you need to replace your electronics, clothing, furniture, etc. Satisfy your landlord insurance requirement too!

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Motorcycle Insurance Bothell WA

Motorcycle Insurance

Insure your motorcycle in Bothell from theft or vandalism, along with any liability or medical coverage that you would need after accident.

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Mexico Insurance Bothell WA

Mexico Insurance

Traveling to Mexico from Bothell? Get Mexican car insurance for a day, a week, or even a full year if you travel back and forth to Mexico frequently.

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About Bothell, Washington

Mid-Columbia Insurance Agency – BothellBothell WA Car SR22 BroadForm Insurance

Prior to European settlement, the Sammamish River valley from Lake Washington to Issaquah Creek south and upstream of Lake Sammamish was inhabited by a population of as many as 200 Native Americans known as the Sammamish people. The Sammamish were relocated after the Puget Sound War in 1856 to reservations and non-reservation lands.

In 1870, Columbus S. Greenleaf and George R. Wilson filed land claims in the area formerly inhabited by the Sammamish near present-day Bothell, and built homes. Eight families followed over the next six years. In 1876, Canadian George Brackett bought land and began commercial logging out of a camp located on the north bank of the Sammamish River in what is now the heart of downtown Bothell. A store, school, and sawmill followed over the next several years.

In 1885, Brackett sold 80 acres (32 ha) to David Bothell, a settler from Pennsylvania. The town’s first postmaster, who bought his property from Bothell, named the town in his honor when it was platted in 1888. Later that same year, a local railroad was built through the town to transport coal from Issaquah. Bothell was officially incorporated on April 14, 1909.

Bothell continued to grow as logging expanded and boat traffic brought increasing amounts of goods and passengers up and down the river. As more people moved into the area, the Army Corps of Engineers decided to dredge and straighten the river in the years shortly after Bothell’s incorporation. Most boat traffic came to an abrupt end only a few years later when Lake Washington was lowered in 1917. Water transport also shifted to trucks after a brick road was built from Seattle. The logging economy declined quickly around the same time, and the local economy shifted to farming.

After World War II, better highways and a post-war boom brought suburban development to Bothell. These new neighborhoods and a series of annexations dramatically expanded Bothell’s population from about 1,000 in 1950 to over 45,000 as of 2017. Bothell was mostly a bedroom community for people working in Seattle until the 1990s, when business development brought new jobs to create a regional employment center in Canyon Park with about 20,000 jobs, many in high technology sectors such as biotechnology and software development. In 1990, a campus of the University of Washington opened in Bothell.

ZIP codes: 98011, 98012, 98021, 98041
Area code: 425


Bothell Attractions

  • Bothell Historical Museum
    9919 NE 180th St, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Park at Bothell Landing
    9919 NE 180th St, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Blyth Park
    16950 W Riverside Dr, Bothell, WA 98011
  • North Creek Forest
    20115 112th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Hindu Temple & Cultural Center
    3818 212th St SE, Bothell, WA 98021
Bothell WA Car SR22 BroadForm Insurance

Bothell New Car Dealerships

  • none

Bothell Used Car Dealerships

  • Brooks Biddle Automotive
    17909 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Sports Cars International
    17717 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Autoright Motors
    17318 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Route527 Motorsports
    18724 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012

Bothell Motorcycle Dealerships

  • none

Bothell DUI Lawyers

  • Traffic Attorneys of Washington
    10500 Beardslee Blvd. #1064, Bothell, Washington 98041
  • Zanol Law Firm
    18920 Bothell Way NE #208, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Walt Potebnya Law Offices
    18222 104th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Dennis M. Strasser
    19125 North Creek Pkwy #120, Bothell, WA 98011
  • Autumn Countryman Law
    12900 NE 180th St Suite 240, Bothell, WA 98011

Bothell Ignition Interlock

  • none

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Kyle was very considerate and helpful! Thank you!
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Great and simple to understand.
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5 Star Review
The agent, Estevan, replied to all my questions. And was patient with me and my kids in the background. Called me the next day to insure if I had any questions and if he could help get the process started! Thank you so much!
Marina D

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