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No Car – But You Need Auto Insurance?

How do you get car insurance if you have a license to drive but do not own a vehicle? In Washington State, you can get a broadform auto insurance policy that insures you to drive most any owned or non-owned vehicle. A Broad Form insurance policy provides insurance coverage for drivers to drive most any car.

Insurance for Borrowed Cars

If you regularly borrow a car from friends or family and want to be sure you are covered, a broadform policy is a great solution. It does not provide coverage for the owner of the vehicle but if you are held responsible for an accident, you are protected up to the limits of your policy.

Insurance for Multiple Vehicles

Broadform auto insurance is also perfect if you drive a number of either owned and non-owned vehicles that don’t need comprehensive or collision coverage.
It is also a great option for drivers who switch vehicles often and don’t want to call in every change of vehicle.

Some Broadform Insurance Restrictions

We offer broadform insurance to Washington state residents only. Some exclusions apply such as not covering vehicles used for business (this includes Uber & Lyft) and any vehicle that normally would not be on a personal auto insurance policy (U-Haul trucks for example). And keep in mind, if you are borrowing a vehicle, the owner of the car can still be held legally liable for anything you do even though you have your own insurance.

SR-22 Insurance on Your License

If you need SR-22 insurance but don’t have a car then broadform insurance is probably your best choice.
No matter if you have had a DWI, DUI, Reckless, or any other major ticket, we can help you file your SR22 insurance with the DOL.

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